EARTHEN FURROW STUDIO :::   the art of   Morgen   Maier

A sense of perfection and meaning becomes visible when you stop to observe and appreciate the most illusive details: the angle of a bird’s wings in flight, moon cycles, moving stories of wood grain, the persistence of roots, joy in a hummingbird visit, planting seeds, the color palette of dirt, the golden spiral, the body’s internal understanding of seasons. It is these simple things that, when put together, begin to take shape into something so energetically powerful there are no words for it.

The energy found in nature is spirit in true form. Earthen Furrow Studio is the place where the dialogue of what is seen when I tap into that spirit is brought to life, brought to art! My work portrays the folding and unfolding of my psyche as it sees the body’s place in this spiral of energy we call earth, the most divine expression of creativity. I practice patience and each piece gently unfurls...sometimes it feels to take forever, but some things do. These are truly mixed media pieces, each individually inspired, each soulfully processed, each with their own beat.