Morgen Maier lives in northern California, playing in the hills and mountains of Humboldt and Trinity counties, where she draws most of her inspiration from. She graduated with a Bachelor of Fine Arts from the University of Colorado-Boulder in 2007.

Her involved and multi-layered mixed media process uses a wide array of mediums, from acrylic and pencil to herbal dyes and earth pigments. Most pieces are framed by the artist in an organic, unique, yet sometimes imperfect style.

Signed giclee prints for select pieces are available. Custom print and commission requests are encouraged. For print inquiries, general questions, or just to show some good ol' love please leave a message.

the god of dirt
came up to me many times
and said so many
wise & delectable things,
i lay on the the grass listening
to his dog voice,
crow voice,
frog voice; now,
he said, and now,
and never once mentioned forever
~mary oliver